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Wild, bushy eyebrows, a la Groucho Marx, especially when describing a woman.
The girl is real cute, but what's with those grouchos? My grandfather doesn't even have eyebrows like that!
by Ska.one June 30, 2006
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Very large, hairy eyebrows, especially on a woman.
She's kind of cute, but what's up wuth those grouchos? Honey needs to do something about that.
by Ska.one June 29, 2006
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CHubby hINDU = Chindu
Dude, what is your bizarre fascination with that chindu from next door? OK, she's got nice jugs and all, but still....
by Ska.one June 02, 2006
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1. Woman or women, used primarily in a way that obejectifies, as if the only useful part was the vagina; similarly used in the phrase "get some ass"
2. A joint.
1. I need to get laid; let's go out and find some nice slippy.

2. Yo, what's up with that slippy? I want to smoke, brother.
by Ska.one January 13, 2006
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