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The best high school in the whole world. The high school has an amazing student body and staff. Some of the amzing staff include Mr. and Mrs. Puddy, Rope, Ruiz, Mitsi, Blane, Cia, Smith, Baclig, Elliott, and Leonard! They are all super duper amazing and we all love you guys!
The student body is very active and they have a wonderful choir and band program. The football team isn't that great but we love them anyway and we make up for them with lots of spirt! The basketball team is pretty awesome. We went to Arco in 2009! The cheerleaders are ok, if they were louder. Our Link Crew and Student Government are amazing and do everything and more. The swim team is boss and has some sexy chants.

The characteristics of the student body include, amazingness, sexyness, spritness, and bossness.

We have a pretty awesome band - just saying. They win everything. Well, 5 out of 6 grand supremes, they couldn't not give us all six so the spirt award went to someone else...
Overall, an amazing school.
Will C. Wood is the castle on the hill!
by Sixteen16 September 19, 2009

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