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An extremely powerful yet little-known film by British filmmaker Mike Leigh, starring David Thewlis as the angry, misogynistic main character Johnny. Running from his past, Johnny in the course of the film manages to track down an old ex girlfriend, get hooked on drugs, and end up living on the streets- all whilst maintaining a powerfully sharp wit, stemming from the brilliant mind of Actor/Author David Thewlis.
P1: "You know who David Thewlis is?"
P2: "Didn't he win a Cannes film award for his role in Mike Leigh's Naked?"
P1: "That is correct."
P2: "Man, that film was so brutally raw, man."
P1: "I know. Affecting, for sure."
P2: "Oh, definitely. Thewlis is such an excellent actor."
P1: "Did you know he also wrote his own lines in that one?"
P2: "Really? Wow. Man, Mike Leigh would be such an amazing director to work with."
P1: "Defo. Too bad they're both so underrated, man."
by Sithstress July 27, 2009

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Slasher flick:
Ok, so imagine a dude (who looks like either Will Smith or Sam Worthington) running around with a machete slaying zombies/infected people/zombies/opposing armies/um....zombies/aliens/zombies/zombies/zombies.
Slasher flick quotes:

a)"Get the zombies!!"
b) "Get the ALIENS!!"
d--and perhaps my personal favourite--"Get Sam Worthington!!!!"
by Sithstress September 14, 2010

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A disparaging term often used to refer to riders of a Special Needs bus. So-called because they often assume that we are all 'Retards', which is not true for several reasons,

A. being that many of us are autistic or have cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder or some sort of physical disability, or require a service dog due to phsychological problems, blindness, or deafness- none of the above being neccesarily congruent with Mental Retardation in any way, and in fact most often being accompanied by a normal or even Above Average, Gifted, or Genius IQ.

Reason B. is that while some children and young adults riding the so-called 'Retard Rocket' may have Down Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (fas)or, some other disability accompanied or characterised by Mental Retardation, they are in fact not 'Retards,' they are people, with personalities, emotions, talents, and challenges- and especially considering that there is no such thing as a 'Retard' because the word RETARD is, in fact, a verb, meaning 'to slow or stunt'.
Jerk #1: Hey, look, here comes the Retard Rocket! Here comes your bus, John!

John: Shut up! It's YOUR bus, noob!

Special Needs Rider: Actually, it's MY bus. I'd positively LOVE to stay and chat with you two LOVELY young gentlemen, but I'm afraid that I have AP Literature first period and I would just hate to be late for that, especially since we're doing an in-depth study of Snorri Sturluson's Eddas, both Poetic and Prose, and I am eternally enamoured of Norse Mythology. Although I must say, one of my favourites actually has to be Ragnarsdrápa, wouldn't you say? Well, I'd better go, or the aide will get angry. She's so testy! *to aide* Coming! *to jerks* Bye now!

*blank expressions*

Jerk #1: *Drools stupidly* Uhhhh...whaaatt?

Johnny: Uhhhm...Eye-Dee-Kay. Something about....Eddie?

Jerk #1: Isn't he, like, in our math class?
by Sithstress August 21, 2009

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