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1. a word used for describing a person who makes up words to describe people

2. when something is not of the unsheeply variety specifically a 3d model

3. someone who links u to websites when you are asking him how to spell a word
1. skye is so sheeply

2. the visor on that marine is sheeply

3. "how do u spell verity"
"who cares look at this link, and this one, and this one, and this one..."
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1. Unresembling to objects that are by all accounts considered by the general populace as being unsheeply.

2. Disproportionate in detail and size as a representative of something else, particularly in the arena of 3d modeling, further so when people who's names that begin with a "Z" end with an "H" and ryme with "SMACK" are concerned.

3. A bad faximile requiring more effort to rectify errors contained within.

4. Of or resembling the act by which robotic hobos and man sized bananas converse over such topics as bifocol lenses and nuclear fusion.
1. That visor you're working on is sheeply and thus warrants my saying that you are a stupid cunt. Fuck off.

2. *bleet*

3. I'm sorry but because of you're works sheeplyness I shall now proceed to carve a hole in your chest and fuck it.

4. Zach sucks hard ass.
by Glennifer May 08, 2005
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