Japanese word for doll or stuffed toy, literally meaning, 'sew-and-wrap.' Examples are Gloomy Bear, Ugly Dolls, Hello Kitty, Monster Dolls, Sugar Bunnies, Tokotoko. Despite some of their scary names they are all very cute. Nowadays, you can obtain many complex nuigurumi patterns on the internet and in catalogues, etc. Dekora-chans (sometimes spelled Decora-chan) usually wear them hanging on chains or ribbons from their clothing or perched on their hats. If you visit Harajuku you might see a few of them gracing girls' headwear, tied to wrists, or peeking out of purses.
Eiri-chan: "I just found the most kawaii nuigurumi at the store the other day!!!"
Rai-chan: "Sou desu ka! Let me see!"
Eiri-chan: "Here, look. His name is Loki!!"
Rai-chan: "Aah, soooo kawaii!!!" ^^

Reiku-kun: "My little sister lost her nuigurumi this morning at the square and now we can't get her to smile."
Raiji-kun: "My mom makes those. She can make her a new one. I can get it for you."
Reiku-kun: "Would you? She'll be so sad otherwise."


Reiku-kun: "Tadaima! I'm home! 'Mouto-chan, look what I brought you!"
Yomi-chan: "Nuigurumi!! Aah, kawaii desu ne! Isn't she cute?? Thank you, 'nii-chan!" <3
Reiku-kun: "I just knew you'd like it!"
by Sithstress April 13, 2010
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