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An idividual known for their Nazi-like strictness when it comes to meat content of food.
Does it contain meat?


Did you wash your hands if you handled meat before touching it?


Does it contain any microbes that are generally regarded as being animals?

Yes, I guess so, but why does THAT matter? You've eaten more meat than that by biting your own lip.

You just don't get it do you? Just give me glass of filtered water. And wear gloves - I don't want any tiny fragments of your skin making their way in there.

Jees... what are you? Waffen SS - SALAD SQUAD?

We prefer "Vegetaryan" - we are the master race, we don't eat dead animals like you mortals.

You're a weirdo.
by SirronTheMighty July 07, 2006

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Not quite sure I want you to, but then, please do. Written fully: "OK, yes please".
Obliging person: "Would you like me to get you a drink of that stuff you don't know if you like?"

Undecided, laid-back friend: "Okease..."
by SirronTheMighty December 09, 2005

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