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(noun) A person who has been spat out of a city, a career, an endeavor, (or anything of the like, usually of a status that is generally perceived as "higher") and is back down to the level of normal people. Originates from the concept of an ocean's waves "washing up" the junk (i.e., seaweed, starfish, beachwood, plastic, debris, dead fish, etc.) onto the shore after having been spat out of the ocean.
After pursuing acting in Los Angeles with mediocre success, he came back home to Kansas, where the folks thought of him as somewhat of a celebrity, but deep down, he knew he was just an LA wash-up.

She lost the congressional race, was booted from her incumbent seat, and had to pack her bags and go back to being a regular old civilian. She tried her best to not make a big presence or be seen much in her hometown, lest her community members recognize her as the political wash-up that she now is.
by Siren2277 May 12, 2021
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The condition of marijuana obtained by keeping it in a bag over a long period of time (months) and opening it every now and then (weeks) for it to get some air. This process supposedly makes it taste better when smoked.
Stoner 1: This is some good shit! What you got here?
Stoner 2: It's cured bud!
by Siren2277 May 12, 2008
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Abandon or cancel out, usu. in reference to plans.
Sorry I had to dip out on you guys at frisbee today; it was way too hot out for me.
by Siren2277 May 23, 2008
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