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Actually means to clean yourself in such a way to remove dead skin cells and then remoisturize the skin.

Now that the real definition is out of the way, let's do an Urban definition!

When a man is pounding a chick doggy-style near a toilet. The man grabs the chick by the hair and shoves her head into the toilet, flushing it and giving her a swirley! Now that the face is cleansed, it must be moisturized. The guy then yanks her head out of the the toilet by her dripping wet hair, pulls his dick out of her, and blows his load all over her face.
I'll exfoliate Mel Gibson, how 'bout that?
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A measure of one's true spirit and merit, according to the old code.
The game is played by two men, charging at eachother with erect penises at the ready, making galloping sounds.
They clash mightily, as the onlookers cheer.
Should one fall, such as slipping on a puddle of precum, a point is scored.
Should both opponents fall, they are to honorably engage in a standing match of swordplay.
"M'Lord, it is considered bad play to engage in meat jousting on an unsuspecting opponent."

"Man, I'm bored. Let's do some meat jousting."

"No, Shannon Kilmer and Matt Isbell are unavailable right now, as they are currently enganged in an invigorating bout of meat jousing."
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This is when two men attempt to smite eachother mightily with their erect, swollen purple-headed members.
Also see sword fighting.
Avast, ye scurvy dog, engage me with your flesh-cutlass and prepare to be boarded!
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Much like a chili dog, but done with double penetration.
"Dude, Lance and I just gave that whore a chili three way she won't be forgetting anytime soon!"

"Honey, tonight I'm feeling frisky. Put on my strap-on and bone me in the ass with both dicks, then wipe the shit all over my naked flesh."
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A game that is seemingly only played by old hippies and college students. College hippies seem to excel at this sport. One of the many sports that always seem easier when stoned and/or drunk.

The game is rather simple, throw a disc (frisbee-type thingy) into the basket (a pole with chains and a wire basket).

There are many different types of discs for many different types of throws. Courses can vary greatly, from wide-open flat courses to heavily wooded areas, to areas wrought with water hazards and areas with large hills and sudden drop-offs.

Disc Golf is also loosely termed "off-road golf" as the courses tend to be a lot harder than ball golf courses, in terms of the fairways and the rough.
Ball golf sucks, Disc golf rocks. Puff puff give.
by Sir Rudulph the purple-headed knight September 21, 2004
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