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1. A highly nuanced word, appearing first in Philadelphia, which is used to describe urban blacks who want to revert to their jungle buddy roots and destroy civilization. A refined pneumonic separate from the more generic nigger. Street-negro types live on urban sidewalks, are prone to dealing drugs in their own neighborhoods, starting gunfights in the middle of city streets, entering Emergency Rooms to finish off their murders, killing white citizens for no apparent reason, stinking up public transportation with intentional flatulence, and speaking a sub-dialect of English which is barely understandable by non-negroids. More offensive, deviant and dangerous to neighbors and society than a more docile and lyrical moon cricket.

2. Street-negro also refers to upscale urban black racists who will defend and promote all things black in the name of diversity. The easiest way to find this street-negro savage is to look for them on ESPN (see David Aldridge or Stephen A. Smith). To the street-negro, all problems in the black community are always the fault of white society - the individual black man is never responsible.

3. A subtle undertone to street-negro refers to Philadelphia's pathetic Mayor John Street who blamed his nation-leading city murder rate on the (second) war in Iraq and, rather than fight crime, spent the night on a beach chair in a line outside an electronics store so he could be the first to buy an iPhone. A political street-negro never wants to truly improve society but simply wants to use his position to rake in perks (say, like a brand new iPhone!), play superpimp with his subordinates or blackmail businesses for monetary payoffs. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is a typical street-negro from the year 2008.

4. Always used with a hyphen.
Stay away from Philadelphia, any street-negro there will shoot you dead for not wanting to buy his sister for some cheap oral action.

The street-negro Al Sharpton thinks it's the fault of white society that black women have four kids by the time they are 19 and don't know who any of the fathers are.

Commuter #1: 11 more murders over the weekend.
Commuter #2: But our street-negro mayor got himself a new iPhone!
Commuter #1: I'm sure it was a shiny black one.
Commuter #2: Word, dat!
Commuter #1: Shut the fuck up.
by Sir Robert Miller March 31, 2008
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1. n., a post-tech age noun that actually describes nothing at all; a virtual entity on bulletin boards and internet dating sites.

2. specifically, an ad or personal page for a person that in fact does not exist, using a picture that has been pirated from someone else, designed to entice or 'hook' people to respond to the ad, in order to gather the resulting email address and add it to a list for spamming; typically spamhooks accumulate the email address and then respond back to it with an advertisement for a porn site.

3. often an element of 'spamhook recursion', where spamhook #1 will gather your address and spam you to go get your rocks off at dating site #1, where dating site #1 will have various spamhooks listed with great looking females to create responses so you can be spammed about porn site #1, which has shocking photos and "members" to entice you to respond to who will spam you again about dating site #1. The recursion can be multiple layers deep, endless, and accumulative: site #1 can refer you to #3 which refers you back to #1 and also to #4 which refers you to #5 and also back to three leading to an cascade of spam that will fill your inbox and crash your email.

4. spamhooks create synergy: the common dating site spamhook is very demanding and "requires" a photo of you or the person (spamhook) won't even open your email; this photo you send will then be placed in a "m4w" ad, placed to an audience of women, and used to attract more pictures of women which may be placed in other "w4m" ads with pictures to attract more men's responses. Conspiracy theorists believe that when the number of photos available to spamhook builders approaches Avagadro's Number then the universe will onto Motorola's original 68000 computer chip.

5. made universally popular on Craigslist, where the latent spamhook lurks: this spamhook receives your response for a date, but waits to respond until the community "spamflags" the post down, so you are never exactly sure which ad or why generated the spam.

6. professional spamhooks never include your original message in their spamming reply, thereby adding more confusion and resulting camouflage to the process.

7. spamhooks are central to the Craigslist business model, and indeed, the Craigslist owners own various porn/spamming entities that are guaranteed a market because of the existence of Craigslist. Spam is not a problem on Craigslist. Rather, Craigslist exists BECAUSE of spam.
Friend #1 surfing the net: "Hey, look at this amazing babe here on Craigslist."

Friend #2: "Is she fat? Is she a single mother?"

Friend #1: "No."

Friend #2: "Don't even bother: she's a spamhook."

Friend #1: "Damn, and she likes showing her tits too."
by Sir Robert Miller December 31, 2008
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i.e., Secret Internet Tramp, a phrase of frustration originating in and around internet dating sites, and rumored to have originated from multiple clusterfuck pre-dating experiences with Craigslist.

1. a pathetic married female surfing the internet and responding to personal ads so she can get some positive attention in her life, but, because she is married, has no intention of ever meeting;

2. a married tramp looking to have e-adultery (cybersex, audiocyber, webcamcyber or phone sex) while her hardworking schmo of a husband busts his ass so she can buy new lingerie;

3. a selfish internet bitch SITting on your time with no intention of ever allowing that time to be productive;

4. any otherwise undateable female responding to personal ads as if it's a game with the premeditated intent to tease, seduce and lie to the ad poster for as long as possible with the endgame being that she will never meet the poster;

5. a subgroup of SIF: a lonely, disgustingly obese fatty responding to personal ads to fill out her day.

Jimmy: I spent 6 days emailing this bitch, chatting her up, then she disappears - wtf?

Mike: You got sat on by a SIT!

Jimmy: I got what?

Mike: You got your time wasted by a Secret Internet Tramp who played with you but had no intention of meeting you.

Jimmy: I did get sat on by a SIT, the bitch.
by Sir Robert Miller October 19, 2008
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