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New Zealand.

The term references the similarities between the Australia-New Zealand and United States-Canada relationships. Each pair maintains strong ties, though also trades (usually) good-natured jests and barbs.

Both Canada and New Zealand have smaller populations and can be said to "live in the shadow" of their more well-known neighbor. Each is also known for outstanding natural beauty and friendly people.
Person 1: "Geez. Those Aussies and Kiwis are really going at it over there. They really must hate each other."

Person 2: "Nah, they're just drunk and being dumb. New Zealand is Australia's Canada. They'll be friends again in the morning."
by Sir Elroy January 30, 2011

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A florid outpouring of emotion in response to a scene of wonder in the natural world.
Hiker 1: "Oh my GOSH! Look at that! It's a FULL-ON DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!! It's so inTENSE! What does it MEAN????"

Hiker 2: "Yeah, it's pretty amazing. But I'd better leave you alone for a few minutes, at least until your naturgasm is over."
by Sir Elroy July 08, 2010

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The tendency of many macho guys to brush off pain from serious injuries in day-to-day life, while behaving like complete blubbering weenies when receiving routine medical care. This allows them to appear to have a (manly) high pain threshold, and yet still get copious sympathy from loved ones at the hospital.
Jenna's husband didn't flinch when he sliced his hand open while renovating their kitchen. But he sobbed inconsolably when they put in an IV at the ER. Jenna coddled him and yelled at the nurse, but it was a clear case of Action Hero Pain Syndrome.
by Sir Elroy May 10, 2011

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Engaging in recreational activities that may result in a sense of accomplishment. Reading a book, playing a sport, or going for a hike are examples.

Opposite this is unproductive slacking, which leaves you feeling horrible and unsatisfied afterward. Think sitting in your underwear all day while you watch Full House reruns and eat Cheetos.
Guy: "So did you waste away your weekend away like usual?"

Girl: "No way! I got tons done! Mind you, it was all productive slacking. I read a novel, went to an art gallery opening, and spent three hours on Skype with my best friend from college."
by Sir Elroy March 07, 2011

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Another term for Southern California.
Boston Girl: I'm gonna move to Los Angeles to try to become an actress.

Boston Guy: Yeah? I hope you're getting breast implants before you go. How else are you going to fit in with the other unemployed actresses in Fauxville?
by Sir Elroy November 13, 2010

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