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A university with 3 campuses across Ontario. The school is lauded within Toronto as being very prestigious, and students are actually taught to snub their noses at other universities and colleges, regardless of Academic merit. In many cases, U of T students tend to get an inflated ego from the schools over zealous and sometimes irrationally pompous attitude towards calling itself "the Harvard of the North".

Such assumptions are generally debated and won by the fact that the U of T campuses consists of UTSC (Scarborough campus), UOFT (Downtown) and UTE (Erindale/Mississauga) - this last campus is in Mississauga, which is not part of Toronto and thus shows how idiotic the administration and overall management of the school is.

Some U of T students are able to graduate without developing a high ego, but many of the students - primarily those who go to the downtown campus, often end up with an inflated sense of worth - only to graduate and end up working for their peers who attended other universities.
U of T Student: I think I would be great for this job.
Employer: Looks good, so what university did you go to?
U of T Student: University of Toronto.
Employer: Excellent, UofT has prepared you well for this job. Welcome abord!
U of T Student: When do I start?
Employer: Right now!

U of T Student employed: Do you want fries with that?
Customer: Hell No!
by SippyCup September 23, 2006
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