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A highly controversial online game.

As already evidenced by previous entries, opinions on Neopets tend to reflect past experiences. There are, of course, some who would immediately reject the game as a spawning-place for lifeless teenaged losers. Those people show up wherever you go, criticizing whatever you do - their opinions certainly don't need to have value in this case.

Speaking as an insider who's had both good and bad experiences with the site since I began playing in 2001, here are some interesting points:

-The Neoboards are terribly, terribly understaffed. As a result, TNT (theneopetsteam) has implemented a user-to-user monitoring system that, in retrospect, was bound to backfire horribly. Neopets needs to put more emphasis on the boards, seeing as how communication is so vital between members - I should know, having chosen a life of neo-isolation. An absolutely *massive* revamp of that system is required for the sake of the site's survival.

-Though some changes have been met with a huge amount of controversy, some have evidently sparked die-hard supporters. The restocking system, for instance, while admittedly giving the upper hand to those with more time and a faster internet connection, has become a very popular game to many of these fans. The wide variety of items and shops ensures constant interest.

-My own account was frozen after three years of playing - I had apparently been 'cheating' using several different accounts to gain Neopoints. Here's a shocker: it was true, and I'll admit it. I just never expected to get caught. My only experience with TNT's Ice-o-matic was justly deserved. But I know full well that such isn't always the case. Once again: you need more staff to handle all these new users you're drawing in with advertising!

Much as the most devoted players become obsessed with the idea of acquiring Neopoints, the Neopets staff, given the image of shiny new publicity for a pet project, has fallen into the river of commercialisation and we're all being pulled downstream...
As with anything, Neopets has both its flaws and perks.
What is horribly frustrating (and totally unforgiveable) is that the Neopets staff refuses to change anything dramatically to better suit the needs of the clients!
by Sincerely Yours June 25, 2005

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