2 definitions by Simonster

A really nasty, annoying, or stupid person. A combination of twat and badger. So it could be either a sex pest, or female genitalia twice over for emphasis.
<Driving. Cut up by some idiot>
You twat badger!
by Simonster June 8, 2006
A name used for a lower class idiot who sits on his own in class and has a liking to eating glue and pens whilst managing to always get something stuck up his nose. This type of person would usually smell of piss and write peoples names down in a little book to report to the Head Teacher. He would also pick up small change that people throw away at school (mostly at him).
Look at Boon over their eating stuff again, he's a right Schlep " Yeah he's a smelly glue sniffing bastard with pens stuck to his eyelids again" "Lets throw a coin at him"
by Simonster February 10, 2006