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A Smoker's Signature is a way to tell if someone smokes but this method is not 100% accurate but it can be used as an indicator that someone smokes.

The actual signature is that when a smoker sneezes they will not make much sound because their lungs can't hold in as much air as non-smokers can. Their lungs are often constricted as if they have asthma and therefore will not retain much air inhaled before they sneeze.
Jackie has a distinct Smoker's Signature, her sneezes are tiny compared to her swimmer friend.
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008

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USAMRIID (pronounced you-sam-rid) stands for the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.

Based at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, the facilities of USAMRIID are used primarily for research on counter measurements for biological warfare. Along with the next-door National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) and the nearby United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) they handle many of the biological threats that come up in regards to national defense. When a new infectious agent or biological threat comes up they are on the case to have the data on file regarding any incident that, again, may eventually pertain to national biological defense.

USAMRIID was featured in Richard Preston's best-selling book "The Hot Zone" which described the outbreak of the then-undiscovered Ebola Reston (which was discovered in Reston, Virginia but was not discovered by Preston since people say if you take off the P in Preston you have "reston" left). The book describes the events of decontamination of medical research facilities used to store imported monkeys from the Philippines. It was then discovered that Ebola Reston can't be caught by humans but the same virus has a 90% fatality rate in primates.
I had never heard of USAMRIID before until I read Richard Preston's "The Hot Zone".
by Sid Barrett December 07, 2007

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A catch in American football made with one or both hands while the ball is in contact with the player's helmet as they're down either by the natural physics of falling or by contact.

Refers to the catch made by David Tyree of the Ney York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.
Wow! That was an insane Tyreeception! He was sandwiched by safeties as he came down with that ball!
by Sid Barrett December 31, 2008

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Socks worn as the only garmet during a concert and can only be worn by men obviously. Credit for the concept of concert socks is given to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
We wanted to go streaking but we didn't want to get totally busted so we wore concert socks.
by Sid Barrett October 06, 2007

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Flotsam is a term used by year-round residents of Cape Cod MA to describe people who come up to the Cape only for the summer. It is said that on the Cape that "For every piece of real flotsam here we have 100 summer flotsams to equal that." It's a typical Natives vs. Anything-but-Natives arguement.
The flotsam in P-Town is really bad, all the tourists come to go whalewatching or go shopping.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007

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The Green Monster is the famous/infamous wall in left field of Fenway Park, home of MLB team the Boston Red Sox (why they still can't spell SOCKS right after almost 100 year now is beyond me).

The Green Monster is appropriately named at 37 feet or 11 meters high with its coat of green paint. The wall can be a make-or-break for entire games and even seasons due to the funny way balls bounce off of it and how left fielders play the bounce. Sox left fielders from Carl Yastrzemski to present-day player Manny Ramirez have learned how to play balls off the Monster and have therefore converted some amazing plays.
The view from the seats on top of the Green Monster was amazing but the best part of all was all the balls that were hit up there during batting practice, by the end of it there's about a ball per person up there.
by Sid Barrett August 11, 2007

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Musical TeleVision Boycott.

The MTVB is an organization of underground musicians, songwriters, psychologists and activists who are persuing an active boycott of MTV, its parent company of Viacom and all advertisers who advertise on any of MTV's web sites or channels. Every action of theirs is underground and very little is leaked to the public. For this reason they don't have a website, MySpace or any other way to mass communicate and almost all MTVB actions and orders are spread by word of mouth. MTVB is closely related to the PMRM, the Popular Media Reformation Movement. The organization has prohibited almost all electronic use of communication in regards to organization matters including IM and email for fear of their actions being discovered by someone outside of the organization who could collapse the movement.

MTVB's membership numbers are estimated at approximately 600,000 but they're mainly concertrated in NYC, New York state and Connecticut along with the upper portions of New Jersey although there are likely members from all 50 states and the eastern provinces of Canada.
MTVB is like PETA gone totally underground; I have no idea what the top dogs in there are doing and almost no one knows who they are.
by Sid Barrett June 25, 2007

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