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Reality Filtration System (RFS) ~ The mental capacitor in a person's mind which is used not only to decipher reality from fiction... but to decide how, or whether to, share their skewed opinions on a subject matter with others online.

A person's RFS can be used to distinguish the validity of a message commonly received through visual and auditory channels (televison, radio, third party interraction, etc.).

The RFS is also charged with determining what the person does with information they receive. If they choose to share the information as well as accompany it with an opinion, their audience will be placed in a position to determine if the messenger's RFS is working properly.

RFS, when used in the descriptive sense, is most often used when referring to a person who posts inaccurate information while passing it off as fact... then proceeds to vent, ramble, pontificate or lecture about their views on the subject matter without any realization of how they are perceived by the recipients of their postings.

Their opinionated message is most often followed by incessant postings over an extended period of time. So much so, that the recipients either ignore or simply block/unfriend the person in order to relieve themselves of the constant barrage of redonkulousness.
Cam: Can you believe what Fred posted online?! It's bad enough he believes all that poitical crap, but does he have to constantly blast our newsfeeds with it? I'm probably gonna block his shiz.

Butch: Yeah, he posts that stuff ALL THE TIME!!! Fred's RFS is so out of wack that he doesn't realize most of the folks on his friends list think he's absolutely nutz! That, or he simply likes being an inconsiderate crazyass.
by SickaDatShiz January 25, 2013
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