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Shrek is the hot Ogre from the Shrek movies.
If someone says that they have a crush on Shrek, it means that they probably have a really good taste and that you should treat them like a god or whatever.
Person 1: "I have a crush on Shrek.."
Person 2: "Wow! That's amazing! You really have a good taste! I'll treat and serve you like a god!"
by ShrekFangirl September 9, 2019
An amazing Person who's reading this right now, they really are great and the Person that wrote this hopes that that Person had a great day or night so far!
It would be great if that Person takes care of theirself and stays safe & hydrated! :) <3
Also you're gay no homo ily
The Person that wrote this: "wow I really love the Person reading this !~ <3

The Person reading this: "*reading this*"

Have a nice day lol
by ShrekFangirl September 9, 2019