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A person who worships knox and his "flash" so much, that he will vote 0 and write abusive reviews on knox parodies on newgrounds.com, telling them to "Go to hell, Knox is the most talented flash artist and you suck!", because he obviously can't take a joke about an artist, just because he's a fanboy.

Synonyms: knox nazis, knox fans with no sense of humor (except only for knox's "flash"), knox fan boys, etc.

It's kind of like of what a toadie is to legendary frog and what a Foam-Head is to illwillpress and/or foamy
A knoxi wrote a bad review on my movie, just because it was bashing knox.

Knoxis complained that one of knox's dubs got flagged, and then they all jumped for joy when a person unflagged it, once again letting Knox get away with breaking NG rules, even though RenegadeClock's overdub of one of Knox's movies got deleted. Pure hypocritism if you asked me.
by ShortbusGus February 20, 2005
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A very pale and overrated internet celebrity who only makes "klayanimations" and effortless overdubs of famous movies and gets awards for them, even though newgrounds.com is a flash community, not a movie clip community.

Also known to have Heliophobia (the fear of the sun and/or sunlight) which explains why the skin is so pale.
Look at that Knox, he never goes outside.

Damn, this person pulled a Knox by submitting a dub of a copyrighted movie clip on newgrounds, and he even got away with it.
by ShortbusGus February 19, 2005
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A very annoying repetative fad, with a annoying European song that just won't fucking die. It's a video clip of some fatass dork, who looks like he ate 100 burgers, lip-syncing the song. It's famous on Newgrounds.com, even though it's a flash site, not a video clip site, and everywhere on the internet and now on TV.

The song itself was originated from a Romanian boy band called "O-Zone"
Everyone at my school was singing the Numa Numa song, it made me want to shoot everyone in the entire school.

Everytime I heard the Numa Numa song, I wanted to cut my own ears off.
by ShortbusGus February 26, 2005
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A person who worships an excessive ranting, high-pitched voice squirrel who is known as foamy , made by illwillpress

Also known to vote 0 and give hateful reviews on anti-foamy movies, saying "Foamy is your lord and master, go to hell!", on newgrounds.com and also mass vote 5 on IllWillPress' movies.
I saw a Foam-Head at the mall buying Foamy crap at Hot Topic today.

A Foam-Head spent his entire college fund on a raggedy Foamy plushie on eBay.
by ShortbusGus February 19, 2005
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