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a young male, normally quite funny, sarcastic, and has the best suppy of "sick" (sex related) jokes. Boys are simple just guys who are normally really cool to hang out with, this is of course before they change... some become a "man" (a word I hate, not what it means, the spelling) which is a boy who cares and is still fun. Others become a "pimp" or a boy who thinks that he is cool because he has lots of girls and lots of other who want him (pimps usually haven't been laid and love to talk about it like they get it every night). Also others become "jerks" who use girls/woman and have no regard to there feelings, often found saying "what did I do?!". Still others stay boys as the mature and I think these are the best type because they are not quite a serious as a "man", are not as cocky as a "pimp", and not nearly as mean as a "jerk". Thses kinds of boys are very hard to come by, luckly I have one friend just like that. Not my boyfriend, but one of my best friends Fruit Loops. Thanks for staying a boy....
1. That boy is way too caring, he must be a man.
2. That boy thinks he's pimpin' but he's never been laid.
3. That boys so mean, what a jerk he turned into!
4. That boy's just a boy and that's cool....
by Short Stuf July 14, 2004

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Inuyasha's older brother who is full demon and seeks the sword that his father gave to Inuyasha.
Seeshomaru is like a total demon! I want to be just like him! Fish~ please don't kill me! ^.^
by Short Stuf July 14, 2004

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a word often used by my sister and her boyfriend normally referring to me or something I said. ALso used by them when I say something normal like "lets do something" and they turn it into something sex orreanted and say that is sick or I am sick. Also used when referring to something really cool or when you don't feel to well. One of the best excuses for just about anything.
Examples for things I do/say:
Me- Alex aren't you going to stop him? (while Zander is swinging on rope swing and wont stop)
Zander- that's sick
Alex- you're sick
Me- you two are really messed up (as I stomp away)

Examples for when they turn something noraml into something sick:
Me- Lets go ride.
Zander- ride?
Me- hey!
Alex- ride what?

Examples for when something is really tight/cool:
Me- that car is sick!
Alex- very

Zander- this rope swing is sick!
Me- sure

Examples of when is mean really ill:
Me- I feel sick...*barf*

Examples for when you can use it to get out of anything:
Me- I feel to sick to go to school Me- I'm too sick to walk the dogs
Me- I cant take the test, im sick

One of the best, multi meaning words man ever created!!!
by Short Stuf July 14, 2004

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