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The act of using Black people as a source of renewable energy
Politician Douche: ...and as a global initiative, I propose that we burn all the Black people in order to reduce green house emissions. They breed like rabbits... Speaking of rabbits, we could burn them too! But only the black ones. Solve two problems at once. Kill two blacks with one environmental initiative!

General Populace: Mr. Politician, isn't that wrong and evil? Black people contribute to society and Bunnies are cute and fluffy

Politician Douche: If by evil you mean humane, and by contribute you mean burden, then yes! They do! And we're only burning the BLACK bunnies.

General Populace: Oh... I'm glad I voted for you. Black Power FTW!
by Shire hater August 28, 2008

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A cesspit inhabited by the most revolting skanks and violent douche bags on the planet. They're all blinded by a wall of arrogance that is cemented together with stupidity and ignorance. they tend to believe that they are gods gift to creation and call everyone who bags them "Jealous".

Originally inhabited by monkey's who learned to wax and go swimming, they were quarantined until the construction of the Tarren Point Bridge, which opened up the area to St. George who defend , for some unknown reason, the Shire from the Lebs and other scum of the area. Almost all inhabitants smoke marijuana, and if ever confronted by one of these primal creatures, the only way to avoid confrontation is to say you've been "Punching Cones" and they instantly believe you and leave you alone.
"Dude I almost got bashed last night!"
"What the fuck!?! Where?"
"I was in the shire."
"How'd you get out of it?"
"Said I punched cones. Duh."
"Ahhh.... Fucking stupid monkeys"
by Shire hater March 03, 2008

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