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Cheeky Nandos

A term used by Brits to linguistically torment confused Americans, wherein they "explain" what it means while using as much British slang as humanly possible, for maximum Yank confusion.

"Nandos" is a British restaurant chain where you can get a respectable amount of spicy chicken and chips (fries) for a moderate price, suitable for sharing among a small group of friends. "Cheeky" is a multipurpose word which, in this context, appears to mean "spicy," "awesome/delicious," and "amusing in a slightly naughty/irreverent way" (because you're eating with your friends, who are a cheeky bunch, leading to a cheeky dining experience overall).

"Cheeky Nandos with the lads," in American, might be "Kick-ass hot wings with my bros" though "kick-ass" lacks some of the subtle connotations of irreverence that "cheeky" posesses.
"Just went for a cheeky Nandos. Let's go wind up some Yanks by tweeting about it."
by ShinyAeon May 13, 2015
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