3 definitions by Shinra07

Someone who posts a lot on a forum, and usually posts soully to get their post count very high. Commonly with 50+ posts per day, a forum whore usually double- or tripple-posts instead of using the edit button.
Bob: lol, thats some good discussion that I'm gunna comment on but have no input whatsoever.

Bob is a forum whore
by Shinra07 June 1, 2006
The headache you get from the shaky filming while watching the movie Cloverfield.
Dude, watching your crappy video of people running gives me a cloverfield headache
by Shinra07 January 24, 2008
Charlie Sheen's word for general success in everything in life. Made popular in a Feb 2011 rant and subsequent interviews.
The only thing I'm addicted to now is winning, I had a disease and I cured it with my mind. Winning anyone?
by Shinra07 March 5, 2011