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One of the main villains, if not the main villain, in the His Dark Materials trilogy. Metatron is God's (The Authority's) Lord Regent who is looking after Heaven whilst The Authority hides away pondering deeper mysteries. Metatron wants to control human free will by destroying Original Sin. He is destroyed when Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter team up to drag him into the abyss.
"Will felt himself searched and scoured from one end of his being to the other by some vast, brutal, and merciless intellect.
And what was more, he had a spear - he was raising it to hurl -"

Metatron attacks Will, Balthamos, and Baruch (The Amber Spyglass)
by Shinjato April 28, 2005

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Character in the story 'Golden Waters'. Angelou is a spirit with immense power that many people long to possess.

Angelou befriends the younger brother of the main character, Elleen. For a long time all characters believe that Angelou is nothing more than the young boy's imaginary friend until they learn the truth. Elleen then races against time to save her younger brother before Angelou takes him away to the spirit realm.
"Angelou, give me back Zephyr! Give me back my brother!" yelled Elleen.

"No," Angelou replied sternly. "Zephyr is mine. He does not want to be with me for my power, he just wants to be my friend. I'm never going to let him go."

- Elleen faces off against Angelou.
by Shinjato June 10, 2005

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Colonel Muska is a character from Hayao Miyazaki's 'Castle In The Sky'. Essentially he is the villain of the movie. He is a government agent but he has no true intention of helping the government, he wants the flying castle Laputa for himself. When Pazu and Sheeta use the destruction spell he is blinded and falls into the sea with the castle as it collapses.
"Your ears are next!" - Col. Muska after shooting off Sheeta's pigtails (Castle In The Sky).
by Shinjato April 28, 2005

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Main villain in the story 'Golden Waters'. Shinzou is a Shraekan prince searching for the spirit Angelou in order to use her power to successfully invade a neighbouring world.

Shinzou is defeated by Joshua, the main character's love interest. Joshua sacrifices his life to destroy Shinzou using a grenade.
Joshua could feel his strength failing him. Soon the Shraekan prince would force him over the edge, and Shinzou would be free to pursue Elleen. He would not let that happen, no matter what, Shinzou had to be stopped; and in that moment he could only see one option open to him.

Joshua seized Shinzou's arms and with all his weight, he fell backwards. So unexpected was it to the Shraekan that he had no time to formulate any counter to this. He felt himself being dragged helplessly over the edge by the dying captain.

Together they plummeted, Joshua and Shinzou. And between them was the grenade; its counter hit zero, and it exploded.

- Shinzou's defeat.
by Shinjato June 10, 2005

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