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A Dori looks like a poodle and causes all sorts of drama and should be avoided at all costs, if caught with a Dori you should try to have the least amount of exposure as possible as you will watch yourself become a cold shell of a person and be "mean" to everyone around you. You will also sense the massive need to consume drama and try to ruin your best friends relationship and brag about stuff that doesn't matter. You also get jealous of anyone and anything that is "cooler" and is expensive. Exposure to a Dori for more than One Hour is extremely dangerous and you should contact a Psychiatrist if you find you have that need to eat drama.

She is also a girl that for some reason has a lot of friends, She can be a "jerk" 90% of the time and treats all of her friends like dirt. Every once in a while she's nice but for the most part she's not.

The examples are what a friend of a Dori would say and what a Dori would say when drama presents itself.
"It bothers Dori that I have more money than her."

"Oh my god did you hear what her boyfriend just did?"
by Shimpa November 14, 2011

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