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the act of approaching a person shot and possibly only wounded and from close-range, shooting again, even repeatedly, to assure death.
Israel's High Court accepted the appeal of journalist Ilana Dayan. Dayan and Telad were ordered to pay the officer, knows as Captain R., NIS 300,000 for showing footage and airing audio tapes that suggested he had made a "kill confirmation" of 13-year-old Iman al-Hams near an IDF fortification in Rafah in the Gaza Strip in 2004.
by Shilonian February 11, 2012
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a process of the loss of composure that overcomes a male when presented with the figure of a female with an overly-endowed, and usually artificially enlarged

Attributed to the show-off antics of Courtney Stodden and the similarity in sound to sodomize.
Look at the broad. She gives me this stoddenize feeling.
by Shilonian August 30, 2013
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