3 definitions by Sheraton Gould

1. Possessing seemingly superhuman strength at the cost of intellegence.

Due to thier amazing fortitude and low center of gravity, most retards possess amazing strength and momentum, thus resembling a charging bull in both overwhelming power and underwhelming intellect.
1. Damn! Jerome Bettis broke through that line like a Bull Retard.

2. That kid in Special Ed is a fucking bull retard... he bumped me in the hallway and I went down like Peter McNeeley.
by Sheraton Gould April 21, 2005
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1. adj. Someone who talks amazing amounts of shit but never backs it up. But, when put in the position to have to back it up, will triumph gloriously resulting in more shit talking, thus perpetuation the cycle.

2. adj. An extrordinarily tough person.
Jesus Todd is bastard tough! He talked shit on Matt all night and when Matt threw down, Todd kneed him in the balls and kept talking shit.

2. Marv from "Sin City"
by Sheraton Gould April 21, 2005
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1. Home-Made alcohol brewed by prison convicts in the top tank of their cell toilets. Used primarily for "Getting a Shine On" and trading for cigarettes and "Bitches"

2. Any brand and/or variety of cheap, disgusting alcohol. Ex:
1. Boone's Farm
2. Maddog 20/20 (Dr. Deuce)
3. Cinzano Bianco
4. Boomerang Gin
1. But I DID buy you... for a carton of Marlboros and a Gallon of Toilet wine... you'll always be my bitch, Till I KILL YO ASS!

2. Pass me the toilet wine... Dr. Deuce is about to make a house call!
by Sheraton Gould April 21, 2005
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