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A form of rape similar to "statutory." However "sheenutory" is often committed by seniors in high school who bully freshmen and brag about their jacked up, square body trucks .
"How often do you think that senior commits sheenutory"

"Idk, but I've seen him pick up more than a few 13 year olds in that truck of his"
by Sheen square December 23, 2017

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A “sheen” is a senior in highschool who bullied freshman boys and picks up freshman girls with jacked up pickups known as “square bodies.” “Sheen’s” also have the fattest lips known to man and can dip way harder stuff than that pussy “Skoal” stuff.
Freshman girl: ahh look at the size of that dip

Freshman boy: yeah, that man is quite the sheen
by Sheen square April 18, 2018

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