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an alternative name for an obese human; a fattie; a chunky person; one who is fat.
Person #1:"Man that is the fattest ham smuggler I have ever seen!"
Person #2"Yea man, he's like 50 times my size! What a fattie! Haha"
by Shawn B January 01, 2006

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adj. (nar tast ick)
1. The words gnarly and fantastic combined, explaining something that is worthy of being called both gnarly and fantastic, but better than both; 2. Extremely Awesome; 3. Rad/Radical/Radtastic; 4. Insane; 5. super duper etc...
antonyms: dumb, lame, stupid, weak
1. Dude that was the most gnar-tastic trick I have ever seen.
2. Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen are some pretty gnar-tastic skaters.
by Shawn B August 22, 2006

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