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St. Mary's School an all girls college prep school, grades 9- 12, use to be an Jr. College, switched to highschool in 1998. St. Mary's School has known to bring out the finest women in every aspect. They are known for their classy dress,seamless beauty, constant smoking of cigarttes, and endless flow of money. They are girls whom any boy could take home to, meet their mother as well as to meet their bed. Charming boys from Ravenscroft, Broughton, and Woodberry, St. Marys girls, have no problem going to an all girls school saying "We don't need boys we're doing just fine with yours."--- They also have no problem defending themselves after being called a bitch saying things like.... "Excuse me, I go to an all girls private school, I'm aloud to be a stuck up bitch." A good St. Mary's girl would never be caught with out their, St. Mary's ring, perals and sevens.
Seen around Raleigh driving Land Rovers, sining to classic beach music.
by sharp December 14, 2004
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Someone that has l33t h4x0r properties.
There is only one l33t h4x0r, and that is tr4k3
by Sharp October 31, 2004
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