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a character protrayed by youtubes Killjoy192000, a sterotypical emo whom i guess would to be gay or bisexual, lars often...struts around the house in a rather odd way, trying to find the meaning of life, he also has a protege called emo tot. while he is full out emo, in some cases he has been shown to realize that his looks, actions, and opinions are shaped only by the music that he relies on, like all other music fans, but is emo anyway, it is also apparent he is a fan of invader zim, and the a-team is his favorite movie, despite having never watched it, he likes all sterotypical emo music.
Lars the emo kid : my favorite movie is the "A-Team", i've never seen it, its my favorite movie.
by Shanna Gordon June 12, 2009
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When women orgasm from only rubbing the clitoris
i totaly kwinged last night!
by Shanna Gordon January 22, 2009
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