3 definitions by Shameless

The creator of boom bap hip hop music. ( not gangster rap,as many people think, but boom bap )
One of the pioneers of rap music, who's been in the game for a long time...
A true lyrical artist.
knowledge reighns supreme over nearly every one
What's in a name?

"Boom Bap - Original Rap"
by Shameless July 21, 2005
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L7 aka square when you make it with your fingers and thumbs. another word for cigarettes.
by Shameless August 01, 2005
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Also 'Pardon my French.' Phrase mumbled insincerely immediately after or before one swears a blue streak within earshot of the elderly, the young, or the simply uptight.
'Excuse my French, but that woman is a fucking cunt.'
or, after stubbing one's toe,
'OW! FUCK! JEEESUS! I'm sorry ... excuse my French.'
by Shameless September 05, 2003
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