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You will find a mass of teenage bogans in Garden Place, Hamilton, New Zealand. Generally A male who wears a lot of black, wears T-shirts with "Metallica" and "Tool" on them, has plenty of piercings in their face, and most importantly loves Heavy Metal. They swear alot to prove how hard they are, they also carry knives because Maoris often try to beat them up for their "hardxcore" appearance. See skin heads

People try to deny the fact these people are named bogans, and say "don't lable." I don't like lables either, but how else can you describe their style when they're all the fucking same!
Bogan1- "Hey I want to get my septum pierced oi!"

Bogan2- "OI fucken OI!!!!!! Im getting my dick peirced oi fuck yeah"

Bogan2- "Fuck yeah! Im thinking I'll get a massive tattoo on my back of Satan what do you think about that? Fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit"

by Shainerr May 18, 2007

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