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Unshakably calm and collected.Not easily excited or upset;marked by extreme calmness and composure.
Although he knew he was out numbered, Seeshoumaru remained Imperturbable as he showed no sign of fatigue or worry.

It more so describes me than Sess.
-nods to the truth-
by Shadow Prince December 08, 2005
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A coward who is scared to do something, or afraid of something.
That chicken call me a punk then he ran, that chicken was about to get his sorry @$$ kicked.
by Shadow Prince December 07, 2005
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A word that african americans use to adress each other such as :greeting or wazzup'ing each other.
Note:whites and other people should not use this word beacuse the will get beat down.
One day me five of my friends were going to the movies we see some people we thought we knew,and there was Ten of them.So we all say "Wazzup Niggas", they look at us and say "What the fock yall say".They run to us and beat the hell out of my friends.I didnt get beat up (you should know why). I dap those Ten guys up and say"I'll see yah niggas later" they say"aight nigga later".I look at the guys I was walking with and I say "didnt I warn you".They nod and we continue on to the movies.

The lesson is watch what you say to African Americans especially "nigga".
by Shadow Prince December 07, 2005
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