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Mashup of moping and Molly. Occurs when females named Molly induce sadness amongst their friends(s).
Dude 1: Yo man, I haven't heard two words out of Sparrow all week.

Dude 2: Yeah, ever since Molly left him for Bob in accounting, he hasn't been worth a shit.

Dude 1: He's gotta quit molping around man - pathetic!
by Shadooow December 01, 2010

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An individual who enjoys embellishing his/her exploits and skills, but who usually loses in any poker game. In reality, the foker does not understand the basics or nuances of the game.
Dave came over to play some cards the other night. He talks so much crap at work about how good he is, but he made some really stupid plays and we took his money and sent him home whining like a little girl. What a foker. Maybe we can get him to come back next week.
by Shadooow June 18, 2009

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The designation given to any incredibly overpaid baseball player who, in the middle of the contract, suddenly cannot hit over .150. Named for Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles first baseman, who signed a $161 million contract over seven years. See Mendoza Line.
"Wow, that guy can really hit! We gotta sign him."

"Dude, that guy has more holes in his swing than a zebra has stripes. Two years from now he'll be struggling to reach the Davis Line."
by Shadooow July 05, 2018

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