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The ultimate of anything, especially sins of pleasure like lust, gulttony & greed. This is in opposition to the webster meaning: Characterized by uprightness or morality. The religious link is the righeous naughtiness is the God created ultimate of said naughtiness.
1. Sex: Righteous ass. I wana %^({ it
2. Drugs: Righteous bud. I wana smoke it.
3. Music: Righteous tune, Play it while doing 1, 2, and 4.
4. Food: Righteous pizza. I ate a whole pie and a piece after smoking the righteous bud, now i wana work it off doing the nasty with your righteous ass.....
by Septhomas May 12, 2011
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Ass hole pictograph
1. kiss my (_o_)
2. you be a real (_o_) man a. you like ass, b. you are an ass
3. lick my (_o_) bitch
by Septhomas October 9, 2014
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