2 definitions by Sentinel316

A counterstrike name of someone who whores the AWP (Magnum Sniper) and doesnt use any other weapons.
Often says "OMFG pwnt" and using leet words to hide his coward sniping acts.
Dont go out there, requiem is camping it up with the fanny gun.
by Sentinel316 March 18, 2005
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A numb but who picks up all the sweaty expired vaginas off the street and use them for his personal plesure. A degrading version of the mansluts and the hillbillys.

Often plays roger ramjet tunes on audio software as this is their mating call. Though however, his milk usually brings all the boys to his yard and dance with him as he caresses spoons.
Watch out, a ferret ass is around the corner. Dont want to get near simmo.
by Sentinel316 March 21, 2005
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