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She's a girl that you never knew existed, but once you realize she's real every fiber of your being will scream at you to grab hold and never let go because you know that a girl like her doesn't walk into your life twice. She is what started the sayings "better put a ring on it" and "love you like I'm gonna lose you". She is the definition of perfection, and every single man she meets knows that. She is elusive, rare, and the hardest woman in the world to find, but when you do you'll know your entire life was worth it. April's are beautiful, seductive, cute, friendly, and extremely affectionate. They are sometimes referred to as the "pegasus" of the fairer sex, and rightfully so. April's are your dream girl, the very definition of it even. And if you think you have a different dream girl, you haven't dreamed big enough my friend. If you are lucky enough to have a real April for a girlfriend, then dear god man marry her before she's gone.
Mom, Dad, I finally met the one, and her name is April.
by Senti_Mentel March 17, 2020
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ie: noun.

The most hallowed of pizzas, The Big Steve is a feast fit for Kings named after all Steve's natural pizazz and regal demeanor. It is the sustinance of gods, created by a master chef using only the finest quality ingredients from the world's most provacative locals. Chef's who are renowned and educated enough to craft this delicate and savory dish are to be worshiped like the king's and queens they serve. The aroma wafting from this delicacy is enough to make even the most strong willed vegan or perverbial "health nut" bend the knee and give in to their temptation. The parmesan garlic Alfredo sauce is reduced in a slow simmering sauce pan with hints of rosemary and oregano. The chicken is grilled flawlessly over the coals of a dying star. The grain used to craft the crust as well as the green peppers, sometimes reffered to as "the apple" in religious texts, placed atop this perfect pie are grown within the garden of Eden. Only the most prestigious examples of human kind such as Chuck Norris, Gandhi, or Fred Flinstone, are capable of devouring The Big Steve in it's entirety. If you are ever blessed with a pizza known as "The Big Steve", you should first thank God that he has blessed you and your taste buds that day, and secondly devour as much as you possibly can as this gift will likely not be bestowed upon you twice in the same lifetime.
Dude 1: Dude, my dad is going by Domino's tonight and he's gonna order "The Big Steve"!!!

Dude 2: Man that's freaking awesome, don't forget to bow before it when it comes through the door.
by Senti_Mentel March 15, 2019
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