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Movement On Dreams Stand Under None. Modern Sunshine. Dylan Smith, a super dope guy from Minnesota. Makes a type of music called Hippy Hop, used to be in the band "Four Letter Lie." He's got nothing but positive energy. "Most people have a fan base, I myself, have a friend base. So if you like what you're hearing don't consider yourself a fan of Mod Sun, consider yourself a friend of mine and I hope you let me in to your circle of friends" This guy is going places! Oh, and No Girlfriend Til He Makes a Million!!!
-Yo, did you have fun at that concert you went to?
-Hell yeah! Dude, this white dude got on stage and just started gettin it. First thought "Damn, this white guy can rap!"
-Who was he?
- Mod Sun. I even met him after the show, he was a really cool guy! and I got a picture with him! :)
by Selinaaaaaaaaaaaa December 23, 2010

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