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Having a person blackmail a person when that person is already blackmailing a person. similar to inception only instead of dreams its blackmail.
1. Person A gets blackmailed by person B, person B gets blackmailed by person C, and person D blackmails Person C, and so forth and so on.

2. wow that's a really long line of blackmail, it kinda hurts my brain like inception did. Hey lets call it Blackception.
by seabeast September 16, 2012

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A boy who constantly wastes his time playing Xbox 360 instead of doing his homework. He is in love with his roommate Seabass and really has a homosexual tendency towards all men in his general vicinity. However, he has a tiny dick and never pursues his homosexual fantasies.
Hey dude shouldn't you be doing your homework or a girl?

Nah, I am gonna play this video game and besides I love dick!

Aaah man you are such a Cody!!
by Seabeast November 28, 2011

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