11 definitions by Scripple021

What you do in WWF Warzone (N64) in a weapons match when you have a bell and your opponent is stunned. Originated in Buyers Hall at Princeton University.
"Schools in, Sound the Bell, Motherf***er!"
by Scripple021 May 6, 2004
The man who shows up at the door in pornos. This situation is generally the pretense for some real xxx.
"Plumber? I didn't call for a Plumber!"
by Scripple021 May 6, 2004
In Ron Jeremy films, the female counts down from 20, and on 0 Ron comes right in her mouth.
Female: It's time for the infamous countdown... I'll countdown from 20 and on 0, you cum right in my mouth.
Ron: On 0, right in the mouth.
by Scripple021 May 6, 2004
Originiated in Princeton University. As a noun, means bananas in Mario Kart 64. Can be verbed: "to doo doo butter something".
Noun: There was a lot of doo doo butter on that jump.

Verb: I'm going to doo doo butter that ramp
by Scripple021 May 6, 2004