4 definitions by Scratchibum

An individual who likes to wear a sock upon his penis.
Hey, look at him with a sock on his penis, he must be a Scratchibum
by Scratchibum January 10, 2012
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A bloke who talks about having sex, but lacks the balls to do it.
"Dave keeps promising to give me a great sex session, but bottled out of it. He's all talk and no trousers!"
by Scratchibum February 05, 2014
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The most boring person on Earth who somehow finds it fun to look for a piece of paper amongst wet bushes and dog shit. Will bore anyone as they think the subject is interesting. It isn't.
I was in the pub last night and one of my friends is a GeoCacher and bored me to death all night about it. The boring twat.
by Scratchibum May 20, 2014
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A person using a computer who acts big and pretends to be braver than he/she is in real life.
Why are you talking like that to me, i know it's only onscreen bravado.
by Scratchibum August 08, 2013
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