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LAWST means COOL. Although spelled differently, it may be derived from the popular TV show LOST.
Whoa! Did you see that Saleen S7 blast by? That was so lawst!
by Scotty Evil November 24, 2006

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A person who shares some major personality traits with the fictional B A Baracus, played by Mr. T on "The A Team". Examples:

(1) Large, tough, aggresive.

(2) Wears tons of manly jewelry and crazy hair.

(3) Loves milk more than a calf does.

(4) Is afraid to fly on an airplane.
At the airport:

"Oh shit, B A Baracus is over there looking for me. Waitress! I'll give you $100 bucks to walk around with that pitcher of milk for the next 30 minutes. Damn! I better get on a plane ASAP!"
by Scotty Evil June 09, 2006

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The SLANG definition of HUNGARIAN is: someone who is always hungry.
Fat Bastard is an EXTREME Hungarian. Especially when he visited the Maternity Ward.
by Scotty Evil November 24, 2006

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