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When you take a work lunch that goes well beyond the usual hour allotment.
"Well guys, the Internet's down so I might as well take a Manny lunch. I'll see you at 3."
by Scotty Ballgame January 17, 2012

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When somebody is so pissed off about something that they feel like they could launch into orbit fueled by pure rage.
Rob was in hard orbit after the Cowboys pissed it against the Giants.
by Scotty Ballgame January 06, 2012

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Somebody who never seems to run out of excuses for why he can't complete any meaningful work.
"Last week, he said he couldn't finish that project because he was doing job interviews and this week he said he was too busy training the new hire. That guy's a regular Enzo Excuses."
by Scotty Ballgame February 02, 2012

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