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"Bloody Hell" is an exclusively British phrase. It's a general exclamation, which can be used in many situations. You can use it to express shock, joy, shame, sadness... whatever.
But say it with a Scottish or English accent. It sounds weird when Americans say it
"Bloody Hell, it's freezing outside".
"Bloody Hell, that's amazing".
"Bloody Hell, I feel like crap."
"Bloody Hell, get off me!"
by Scots-girl-oh-aye June 26, 2009

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A Scottish term for a "Chav". It stands for Non-Educated-Delinquant.
Neds can be identified in 5 simple ways:

1-Scottish, white, working class.
2- Wears baseball caps, bling and minging tracksuits.
3- Lacks the ability to use standard English.
4- Listens to "hardcore" dance music, and drives around in an ugly little car blaring their "toons" for all to hear.
5- Has an absolute obsession with the tonic wine- Buckfast.
Norm: Hi.
Ned: Haw, man, pass the pure mad Bucky man. Watch ye dinnae spill it, you'll wreck ma minted Adidas tracksuit man. Fancy a drive? We can go cruuuuuuizin' in ma pure mad mental Honda man, an' listen tae Basshunter man.
Norm: Fuck off, you wee ned!
by Scots-girl-oh-aye June 26, 2009

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