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The city of Los Alamitos has 11,000 people, but it's really two cities- the area southwest of Katella and Los Alamitos Boulevard is known as Rossmoor. Rossmoor is an area primarily comprised of rich WASPs, and women who like to gossip. Many people in Rossmoor do not even consider themselves Los Alamitos-ans. The rest of Los Alamitos is more diverse, and you can find people of any race or background in this area. While the high school is good for the area, it is not one of the best in California, especially compared to nearby schools like Whitney, Oxford, Troy, and University. And while the football team used to be good, once the class of 05 graduated, it began to suck.
Los Alamitos means little cottonwood, but does anyone really care?
by Sbk November 26, 2005
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