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After ejaculating into a condom, proceed to taking it off and turning it inside out, then with brutal force pimp slap your lover with the condom from one end of the face to the other thus creating a drift like mark made soley from baby yogurt.
Greg, I totally tijuana drifted your mom last night, the impact was so hard her face was smoking.

I was going to tijuana drift my woman after i ejaculated, but when i pulled out i realized i didn't have a condom on, talk about a bad night!
by Saxon McCormick April 16, 2008
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When engaging in anal sex thrust balls deep when your partner is unsuspecting, and at that very same moment take out there arms. When they bash the ground say "you've been downtown browned", ejaculate then get ready to run like hell!
I heard last night Mr. Folland gave joe a huge downtown brown, i havent seen joe since!

I totally gave Shawn's mom a downtown brown last night, she was super pissed.
by Saxon McCormick April 16, 2008
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When having to deficate really bad, have your lover press their tongue between your butt cheeks, then trying to see how many times you can release and pull in the turd before pinching it off in their mouth.
Last night i snapped my turtle 11 times before i pinched it off in tiffany's mouth.

Greg: i just got dumped by my girl
Tony: what for?
Greg: i accidentally played the snapping turtle game when i had diarrhea, i totally shat all over her face.
Tony: That sucks a fat one dude.
by Saxon McCormick April 16, 2008
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