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Where a person who speaks normally in real life, on the phone, on ventrilo or even msn turns into a fuckhead whenever they post on a forum.
'Hey man i made a post on the forums' - A
'what the hell did he ever do to you dude' - B
'what the hell did i ever do to him' - C
'dw he has forum fuckhead syndrome' - B
by Saucery November 16, 2009
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Blue comedy is a style of comedy that is off-color, risqué, indecent or profane, largely about sex. It often contains profanity and/or sexual imagery that may shock and offend some audience members.
"GOOD OLD MOTHER GOOSE! I FUCKED HER!" - Andrew Dice Clay doing some blue comedy.
by Saucery August 23, 2012
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A type of choke applied from the top position, in which the dominant fighter places one or two hands around the front of the neck of a downed opponent and squeezes his trachea. Commonly used by rapists.
"And here's the end (of the fight) he's got the rape choke in place and just dropping left hands all over Tim Boetsch" - Joe Rogan commentating at UFC Fight Night 13.
by Saucery December 17, 2011
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