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1. Someone at the Arts and Science Programme at McMaster University.

2. Refers to a very small sub-population within a large community or group who all know eachother.

3. People who do not need sleep to complete heavy assignments, especially 30 page inquiry papers.

4. People with higher intellectual capacity than say, the engineers or much better liked than the healthscis.

5. A closet keener (most of the time).

6. Someone who goes into university not knowing what they want to do. Finish their bachelor's degree and is even more lost.
Look at that artsci go, he's probably late to inquiry.

This is Spartsci.
by sassquatch March 29, 2009

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As first mentioned by Patrick from "Spongebob," It is the act of a woman allowing a man to engage in anal pleasures. Usually given in exchange for an invitation to an occasion involving getting dressed up or fancy dinners (i.e. Fraternity formals, Proms).
Tim: "she has been bugging me for a week to let her be my date to formal next week. But if she wants to go, she's going to have to let me get some wumbo action in so there is something in for both of us."
by Sassquatch February 21, 2012

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