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..."Get him to think that he's going to get laid, so he will spend money on you"....Such a sick Game !!! Dating is not fair Guys.
this is a guy's point of view:.... Long time ago, I was asked out by a woman to go for a few drinks, after going and having drinks in the bar, she started to take her jacket off and exposing her Cleavage and as the time passed she noticed that I was looking at her Cleavage and talking lust and sexy to her,so she started to talk the same way only later to ask me to pay for the drinks!! Did I pay for drinks!?? Abselutly no, so she said ,"you better pay for these drinks if you wanna have my phone # !" , I said " I don't need your phone # lady, and I'm not going to pay for your drinks.."for all you guys who are reading this note, remember this,"...Never compromise your position and principles no matter how sexy and cute she is, Never Never Ever ...."
by Sasan May 02, 2004

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