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An acronym that stands for "Brotherly Rectum Pal". This phrase generally refers to someone whom is so close to you that they simply share all information, all the time, regardless of context.

Additionally, this might also aid someone who accidentally mispells "bro" with a P at the end instead of an O.
Phoning a friend:
"Hey man, how are you?"
"Not bad, just on the toilet doing one big, smelly shit."
"Aaawww man, you're such a brp."
by SamMG July 15, 2012

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Juggalos are a group of people who have each other's back and give each other support. They're a family. They are fans of psychopathic records (an underground record label) This doesn't mean they are limited to listening to only psychopathic records as many people think.

Juggalos come from all all walks of life and can be any age. There aren't any rules to being a juggalo. Juggalos are stereotyped as stoners and drinkers, however some juggalos don't smoke and drink. It's more of a way of life than a label or style. Juggalos don't have to participate in any certain activity to be down (down with the clown means there a juggalo). Juggalos are often friendly and easy to get along with. Sometimes they flip out when you insult juggalos or anything that symbolizes them (just stickin up for the fam), others don't even pay a hater any attention. They tend not to be judge-mental. Juggalos don't have to wear face paint. I'm a juggalette (female juggalo) and I hardly ever paint my face even though it does look pretty fresh! Some females call themselves juggalos because they were down before the term juggalette existed. Juggalos often means a group of both male and female.

Every juggalo and juggalette i've met has been extremely chill and easy to get along with (even before i was down).

Some words...

Lo or Lette - short for juggalo or juggalette

Whoop whoop! - shout out to another juggalo (yell it and ya get one back)

MCL - much clown love
Say what you will of me. I'll always have juggalo family.
by SammG January 25, 2011

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