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A fraternity established in 1839 at Miami University holding an extremly rich history and an extensive alumni base throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Today the fraternity is on the forefront in attempting to redefine Greek Life by bringing the original principles that fraternities were started upon back into college culture. Beta Theta Pi provides a good environment for young men entering college to discover their social, intellectual, and spiritual sides in a well rounded and diverse extended family. Membership is given to a very select group of individuals who exhibit a desire to engage in social interaction in a responsible way while still having a good time. True Betas are regarded as gentlemen and well respected.
The oldest continuous Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is at Washington and Jefferson, the Gamma Chapter.

The first Chapter was established at Miami University by eight young men in 1839. The Alpha Chapter was founded by men who went on to be, among other things, A presidential elector for Abraham Lincoln, Civil War heroes, lawyers and judges, a Governor, and well respected members of society.
by SamBJo October 01, 2007
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A fraternity founded in 1856 and widely considered one of the coolest fraternities in the United States. That is actually considered one of the coolest fraternities in the United States by its members. They have a lot of successful alumni, but generally the majority of chapters currently in existence have veered from any principled greek life, which is pretty God Damned pathetic. Most guys who join SAE become raging alcoholics and complete assholes, but I know of a couple of chapters that are extremely cool and filled with some really upstanding young men. They are probably considered part of the top tier of fraternities nationally, though they don't have a tradition that is as rich as some other fraternities. The cool chapters are really cool, but the crappy chapters are probably some of the worst that exist on college campuses. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Wow the SAEs at Johns Hopkins are really fucking cool.

Wow the SAEs at SMU are racist closeted homosexuals who probably make up the poorest performing group of academics in any fraternity ever created... ever.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you probably can do better.
by SamBJo October 01, 2007
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A fraternity that no one really cares about and was founded using the models of other fraternities far later than any of the real fraternities. They pride themselves on taking large numbers of clones rather than on taking quality members. Requirements for admission vary from being willing to suck the President's balls to being willing to lick the President's balls.
Guy 1: Hey, I got initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha!

Guy 2: I didn't know you liked to lick balls.
by SamBJo October 03, 2007
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